Interested in more Regina classes?  We’re looking at the calendar.  Please email us to express interest in both the Pitmaster and more grilling classes.

Over 20 classes planned for 2017, over 400 students trained per year!  

New for 2017: Multiple Instructors!

  • Low & Slow, Southern Style BBQ Classes
  • Competition BBQ Classes
  • Backyard Grilling Classes

Our past students have:

  • Found the perfect grill or smoker to add to their back yard
  • Made many friends with their new found mastery of the grill
  • Impressed their family and colleagues with new flavors
  • Won many, many awards and Grand Championships



Optimal number of smokersWarning:  You may leave this class with the same theory we learned 12  years and 18 smokers ago… Instructors proudly use:

Yoder Smokers - Competition Grade BBQ products