Rob Reinhardt, Instructor

Rob Reinhardt
Pitmaster, Owner – Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ

Award Ceremonies, Porkapalooza 2014 in Edmonton

Award Ceremonies, Porkapalooza 2014 in Edmonton.  Photo by Moniko Wiseman

A hobby started in 2000 has transformed into to a full time career and the most successful competition track record in the country.  Rob Reinhardt lives, breathes, and endlessly displays his passion for the world of Barbecue.  “There is no greater feeling than watching someone bite into a piece of championship barbecue for the first time. Most people don’t realize just how good this food can be,” says Rob.

Rob and his wife Jacy run Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ, a business and competition barbecue team started in 2007.  Rob’s obsession with cooking perfect barbecue has resulted in more Grand Championships than any other Canadian team, including the Canadian National BBQ Championships, and a recent repeat World Championship category win at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, TN.   Prairie Smoke & Spice are also the 2015 Canadian National BBQ Champions, finishing at the top of the rankings compiled by the Canadian BBQ Society.  With over 200 awards won in competition, Rob has blazed a trail across the country.

Rob also runs Canada’s largest BBQ School, with over 1400 students trained in the art of Low ‘n Slow cooking so far, and classes running across Canada every Spring.  He also makes appearances at home shows, as well as regular appearances on Global, CTV, and City’s Breakfast Television in Vancouver.

Rob is co-founder and President of the Canadian Barbecue Society, and is a former board member of the PNWBA.  He is a certified BBQ Judge (PNWBA & KCBS).  Rob was the guest international chef at the 2016 Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.  Rob’s influence on the BBQ scene in Canada is difficult to match.  


Kris Valckx
Pitmaster, Rocky Mountain Smokers

Kris Valckx:   Head Cook, Rocky Mountain Smokers

Kris Valckx is the head cook & pitmaster of the Calgary-based BBQ team, Rocky Mountain Smokers.  Kris has been competing competitively for the last 5 years winning awards and accolades everywhere he competes!  He is one of the most successful and well-respected BBQ cooks in Canada.  He is the 2016 KCBS International Team of the Year for Pork and has competed in every province from BC to Quebec.  

Kris is also the Alberta Chapter Lead for the Canadian BBQ Society, and a member of the BBQ on the Bow Society, actively promoting BBQ in Calgary and the nation! 

Kris brings experience and knowledge to class, following a similar class structure but with his own unique twist on all things BBQ. This will be a great opportunity to learn from one of the best, and remember…

“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!”

Kris’s classes can be found HERE.



John Thomson
Pitmaster, Eatapedia2018-bio-pic

John Thomson wears a few hats in the world of Canadian BBQ and usually smells of smoke.  BBQ Sauce runs in his veins and it seems that every spare moment he has is dedicated to his favourite hobby.  With a full time job in IT and a young family of 3 kids, those spare moments are hard to come by, but as with most hobbies, it is a labour of love.

Once the BBQ Competition season ends in late October, John immediately shifts into the role of Organizer for the largest BBQ Competition in Canada, the Capital BBQ Festival, in Ottawa, Ontario.  John is also a Regional Chair of the Canadian BBQ Society and a BBQ Instructor.

But it is competition BBQ that really drives him and keeps him on the road a fair amount.  2017 was his 7th year as Pitmaster of Ottawa, Ontario’s Team Eatapedia, and it was a banner year for John.  Finishing 1st Place in the Canadian Team of the Year Points Race, Team Eatapedia is the 2017 Canadian National BBQ Champion, as well as the Ontario Provincial Champion, KCBS’s International Team of the Year Overall and 1st Place KCBS International Ribs.  3 GCs, 2 RGCs and 40 Top Ten Calls and 7 1st Place calls.

With a long history of teaching and working with BBQ people of all walks of life, John’s classes are typically very interactive and engaging.  With years of experience, starting as an Amateur Competitor, John hosts a relaxed atmosphere of conversation about BBQ while sharing experiences, guidance, tips and award winning BBQ food.  You will learn, and you’re going to enjoy it.