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SKILL LEVEL:  Anyone Interested in Competition BBQ
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The greatest thrill in Competition BBQ is hearing your name called during the final Awards Ceremony. Knowing that your BBQ was good enough to walk to the podium, to grab that trophy, hoist it up high and hear the crowd cheer you on is an exciting (and addictive) moment in time you will never forget. And we want to help you experience it.

This is a full day session covering the essentials of Competition BBQ. Intermediate to Advanced cooks, and anyone planning to enter the world of Competition BBQ is best suited for this class. We will be trimming and cooking all 4 BBQ meats and you will be getting up close and personal with each step in the preparation process.

We cover:

  • Low & Slow VS Hot & Fast
  • Competition Site Etiquette
  • Sourcing and selecting Competition Meats
  • What you need to know about crossing the US Border to compete
  • Turn-In Box preparation
  • Tales from the BBQ Trail, as we’ve seen a fair amount of stuff!

This is a Tell All Class!  We show your EVERYTHING and we are selling you NOTHING.  My full schedule, my step-by-step techniqes for trimming, injecting, rubbing, cook, slicing and boxing.  No one in Ontario or Quebec has won as many KCBS Competitions as we have.

We will share with you our experiences, including the bad lessons we’ve learned!  We tell you why we do what we do, and why other methods may have had different results.  The entire class is a 6 hour Q&A where you have access to one of Canada’s top BBQ Cooks.  All questions answered.

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