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Foundations of Fire: Introduction To Charcoal        

Date:  March 17, 2020       Tuesday     

Tentative time 6:00-8:30 PM

Location: 1265 Osler St. Link to Google Maps here.


We're going to be cooking with live fire, just like our ancestors did, and we're going to have a fantastic time doing it!  We're going to break down the barriers and myths around charcoal cooking.   We'll be setting up the grills for direct and indirect cooking.  We'll be lighting charcoal and managing temperatures.   


- Types of Charcoal
- Lighting Options
- Wood Smoke
- Direct vs. indirect
- Indirect setup options
- Equipment:  Weber Kettles, Weber Smokey Mountain, Gateway Drum Smoker
We're Cooking:  (And eating!)

-  Skirt Steak tacos with grilled salsa & tortillas

- Reverse-seared double cut pork chops
- Cajun butter Chicken breasts
- Caveman style broccoli
- Dessert (Cherry & blueberry dump cake)
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