Date:  May 1, 2020       Friday

**Registration is not open yet, and will be handled by Well Seasoned on their site.  Please send a note to info@bbqclass.ca if you would like to be notified via email when registration is open.**

Time TBD

Location: Well Seasoned, 20353 64 Ave #117, Langley City, BC.  Link to Google Maps here.

We'll cover ribs from start to finish, including different types, cooking techniques, and flavours.  We'll talk about selection, preparation seasoning, etc.

We'll cook with pellet grills and charcoal smokers.

Ribs to be cooked and served in class:

Pork side ribs:  Competition style  (similar to the ribs we cook in our 5-hr pitmaster class)

Pork back ribs:  "Memphis dry rub style".  Look for bold, smoky flavours here.

Beef chuck or plate ribs:  (aka short ribs).   These meaty bones are loaded with collagen and will be some of the most succulent bites of beef you'll ever eat.



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