We offer the following classes:

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Full Day Pitmaster class – Our main class – 5-6 hours

These tend to be introductory in nature, but experienced cooks always find that they still have a lot they can learn.  We cover 4-5 protiens, we cover all types of grills and smokers, and we cook in class. You’ll have a great time, you’ll leave inspired, and you’ll leave FULL.   



Competition Class – offered periodically in larger cities: 7-8 hours
Content is similar to Pitmaster class, targeted at intermediate to advanced cooks, with content focusing on cooking for judges, flavour profiles, presentation, and strategies for winning cash and trophies.  We also discuss our strategies for Chef’s Choice or ancillary contests.


Half Day classes (2-4 hour classes)

These classes are offered in Calgary, Regina, and Ottawa, and periodically in other cities when we are in town for other reasons.

Sample classes:

  • Steak Masterclass
  • Chicken and Ribs
  • Beer & BBQ
  • Introduction to Charcoal grilling
  • Talkin’ Turkey